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Polisher Dual Action KB 710W with polishing-set 4

Item number: 400251983

EAN: 4250838251983

Category: Polisher DUAL ACTION

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TOP-polishing machine- QUALITY for LOWEST price!
» handy case and big set of accessories included!

KB 710W with polishing-set 4

For professionals and beginners!

The machine does eccentric/orbital rotary motion. Thereby the machined surface stays importantly cooler.  This reduces the risk of overheating the lacquer up to 80% compared to ordinary rotating polisher.

Our manufacturer amongst other produces for a big and famous brand manufacturer. (brand name unfortunately is not to be mentioned)

This assures a TOP brand quality, long durability and safety of the product.

Compare our offer!

You will get top quality by a branded product to a particularly favourable price:

Full power, quality & safety

Powered with 710 Watt the polisher is suitable for several  applications as well as professional burnish at best. As the machine is distributed in the European Union it is CE-conform of course.

Continuously variable adjustment 2500 up to 6800 r.p.m. guarantees perfect polishing performance.

The die-cast aluminium housing provides stability rugged protection.


Practical and easy to use!

The polisher of Kingbarney is low weighted and smooth balanced.

The eccentric polisher can be used for all surface from paint. But the special use of this polisher is to remove scratches, cords and scrapes and certainly polishing, waxing, sealing, finishing bright and refreshing colour.

Due to special ball-bearings and an unbeatable engine the safety as well as an extreme long durability is guaranteed.

The engine and the gear box are working extreme quiet and the vibration due to the excentric movements is hardly sensible.

Because of the long and weather-proof wire it is possible to use the polisher in- and outside.

The polisher can be fit on long-term usage by an ON/OFF switch. High safety as well as long durability is guaranteed through a simple sliding lever.

The casing top is ergonomic shaped and equipped with a Soft-Grip, which allows usage also without handle.

The bow- and bar-shaped grips ensure several other handling!

Technical data:

Capacity 710 Watt, 230 V
Frequenzy 50 Hz
Cable length 300 cm with UK Plug
Weight approx. 2,3 kg
Colour: black
with grey
Polishing swing: 8mm
Continuously variable adjustment from
    2500 up to 6800 r.p.m.

Connecting thread: 5/16?-24
Maintenance-free machine
Special longlife ball-bearings
Bent grip and additional straight grip

Specific characteristic at a glance:

Long-term usage adjustable through simple sliding lever
Revolution speed control
Ergonomically designed housing-head
Torque control system
Slender Design- good shift of weight
Straight grip fixable on the left and
    on the right.
The machine has been tested for safety
Hardly noticeable vibrations

Extremely quiet due to special processing
Unsurpassed quality with the engine

2 year warranty!


KINGBARNEY polishing set MAXI accessories
ALL INCLUDED in a huge accessory set

!!! Safe up to 135,00 € !!!

KINGBARNEY washing set MAXI accessories
ALL INCLUDED in the huge accessories set

!!! SAFE UP TO 20,00 € !!!

KINGBARNEY Cleaning- and Polishing-SetMAXI accessories
ALL INCLUDED in the huge accessorie-set

Regular price for this Cleaning- and Polishing-Set in specialists stores

individually is at 90,- Euro!!!

!!! SAFE UP TO 69,00 Euro !!!

All handy accessories at a glance. All included in scope of delivery!

Please compare offers of other providers precisely. Often they sell very cheap accessories with their sets. Maybe it looks good on the pictures but you will find out soon enough the products are of low quality. We only include accessories of real good quality! Therefore we guarantee endurance with correct use.

2x Polishing sponge
medium 150 mm (thickness 35 mm)

- Apply polish finish evenly
- Avoids all kinds of traces
- Reduces loss of material by spraying
Especially appropriate for: varnish

2x Rotation plates
1 x 125 mm and 1 x 150 mm

- 2 different sizes included
- polishing plates can be fixed directly on the machine
- furs, sponges and sandpaper are to be fixed at hook-and-pile fasteners!
- a flexible layer supports polishing on uneven surfaces

1x Polishing fur made of real and pure wool
soft 200 mm

- to be fit onto the rotation plates by hook-and-pile fasteners
- convenient for huge areas
- breathtaking polishing result
- high-value workmanship (glued and sewed)
- washable and therefore reusable

1x Polishing fur
soft 200 mm

- to be fit onto the rotation plates by hook-and-pile fasteners
- convenient for huge areas
- breathtaking polishing result
- good workmanship
- washable and therefore reusable

2x Polishing sponge orange
medium 150 mm (thickness 30 mm)

- to be fixed onto the rotatin plate by hook-and-loop fasteners
Convenient for: varnish cleaning, wax and polishing.

2x Polishing sponge orange
medium 180 mm (thickness 35 mm)

- to be fixed onto the rotatin plate by hook-and-loop fasteners
Convenient for: varnish cleaning, wax and polishing.

6x Polishing sponge white
soft 180 mm (stärke 37 mm)

- to be fixed onto the rotatin plate by hook-and-loop fasteners
Convenient for: varnish cleaning, wax and polishing.

1x Polishing cloth
380 mm x 380 mm

For fine tuning after polishing. Guaranteed finest result because of microfibre cloth.

1x Washing sponge
You can easily finish pre-washing before polishing with the extra big washing sponge

1x Washing glove
You can rapidly finish the first washing stage with the washing glove and even protect your hands.

1x Straight grip

Additional straight grip fixable on the left and also on the right.

2x substitutional coal

1x Car polish 500 ml

High gloss sealing for cars, airplanes, motorbikes, boats, etc.
Adjusts to any colour, gives longlasting protection and refreshes
your paintwork.

Product information:
  •     carwash-proof
  •     water rolls off and waterdrops are not afforded any hold on the coated surface
  •     ultraviolet-resistant
  •     roadsalt-proof
  •     Maintenance at only one workingstep
  •     leaves no white stains or deposits
  •     gives protection and gloss for approximately 12 months
  •     guaranteed removes rust, tar, tree gum and insects
  •     refreshes all paintworks and seals new paintworks permanently
  •     easily desposes of unobtrusive scratches
  •     impact- and shopck-proof
  •     cold and heat resistant, indefinitely storable
  •     antistatic
  •     made in Germany
Application notes directly on the bottle!

Delivery in different bottles.
(black, yellow, red, purple, blue. Colour not selectable.)

Recommended retail price 59,90 €.

1x Car shampoo 1000 ml

With carnauba wax, washes and waxes all paintworks at
one working step and adds bright flashiness.
Has a pleasant smell and is phosphate-free.
Avoids water spots, calcium stains and
a quick re-contamination.

1x Rain-repellent 250 ml

Produced according to the latest standards!!!

Rain and sleet easily rolls off and you will have a better
view during rain, snow and sleet. Therefore more
safety and better driving comfort.
Facilitates cleaning and ice scraping in the winter.
Repellent towards dirt, oil and insects.
Repels all surfaces against water.
Now with child-proof lock!

Application notes directly on the bottle!

Recommended retail price 24,50 €.

2x work gloves Black Grip size 9 and 10

Properties: EN 388 Standard

Advantages: Good fit, fine knit, seamless, shrink-latex inner coating

100% polyester

Included in our offer you will receive sufficient accessories. Therefore you will save time and money regarding one-on-one purchase. You can order all articles from this offer individually at any time.

Automatically included:

Invoice with expelled value added tax
handy case

Usage instructions:

  • Do not cant the polisher

  • Always keep the polisher in movement

Speed Level:

The polisher is continuously adjustable. Nevertheless there are numbers from 1 to 6 for your orientation on the adjustment wheel.

  • Level 1-2: fill-up burnish, wax or sealing

  • Level 3-4: high-gloss burnish

  • Level 5-6: grinding paste or grinding burnish to remove deep scratches

Qualitative comparably products are offered in specialised trade up to 400,- Euro.


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