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Hot Stone Set Basic Heater ca. 20 liter + 64 Hot Stones - Promafit

Item number: 600250894

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Category: Hot Stone Massage

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Hot Stone Set Basic Heater ca. 20 liter + 64 Hot Stones - Promafit

Based on its digital temperature control, the stones constantly holding the setted temperature.

Our heater is made of high quality stainless steel. A dependable device, which can be cleaned very easily and fast. With our Hot Stone Heater / warming device the stones will be set problem-free and quickly to the correct temperature.

The stones will get and keep the right treatment temperature without problems.

With its great characteristics this Hot Stone Heater is extremely well-suited for professional applications. Also for special massages with less stones, like massaging back and face our heater is perfect for.

More easy-care is hardly possible: The insert can be cleaned up easy and seperatly. Safe yourself unnecessary breaks: With the power cord, the Hot Stone Heater can be placed  directly to the massage area.

?Brand-Quality? by Promafit ? and if it should happen that an article is defective or does not work as you expect, we exchange the device quickly and reliably.


In application there will be up to 64 stones spread over the whole body. The meridians along the backbone down to the feets are covered with stones in a line. The massage is carried out by applying volcanic lava stones (basalt), which were heaten up by water in front of the massage. The smooth and shiny stones are able to save the heat for a long time and are available in various sizes. They are placed along the chakras and applied on the body's energy spots. This allows them to emit their heat to the muscles as a kind of thermo-therapy, even before the massage begins. The heat, produced by the stones, accelerates the blood circulation and accordingly cells and tissues will be better supplied with oxygen. The remaining body parts will be massaged with warm oil. Finally stone by stone will be removed in circular and massaging movements.

Delivery content:

  • Hot Stone Heater, 20 liter storage capacity

  • Stone-Set with 64 stones


Product Benefits at a Glance:
How-To heating up your stones with our Hot Stone Heater (Quick start guide)

No worries: our Hot Stone Heater is pretty easy to operate. Also as inexperienced user you will get your stones fast and easyly to the perfect massaging temperature. And so does it work:


1. Always clean the stones in front of every usage

2. Put a towel next to the heater to place the stones after usage.

3. Put the stones into the heater.

4. Cover the stones completely with warm tap water. Please never fill the water higher then 2-3cm under the top edge.

5. Connect the device to the power outlet and choose the desired temperature by setting the temperature switch. The  

    setted temperature will be shown on the display.

6. Switch the device on. The temperature still can be varied.

7. The light turns off automatically when the setted temperature is reached. Please wait 20 to 30 minutes after the water   is fully heated, so you can be sure that also large stones are completely heated.

6. Take the hot stones by using a trowel out of the Hot Stone Heater.

7. Check the temperature cerfully with your hands before you will use them.

8. If the massaging stones are to hot, put them on a towel for cooling or put a towel between the stones and skin.

9. After finishing the therapy, switch off and disconnect the device from the power socket.

Description of device:

The device has an digital display with which the desired temperature can be setted. The will also inform you about  possible dysfunctions.

An indicator light informs you if the desired temperature is reached.

With the plus- and minus buttons the temperature can be setted.

With the On-/Off switch the device will be started or switched off.

The water reservoir can be removed from the heater for filling. So it can be cleaned easily as well.

By using the cover, the device will hold the setted temperature constantly.

Maintenance and cleaning:

1. Clean the device after every usage.
2. Switch off and disconnect the device from the power socket before your start cleaning.
3. Allow the device cooling to room temperature , before you start cleaning.
4. Remove all stones first. After that you can remove the water.
5. Remove the water reservoir and clean it with warm, soapy water. Clean it thoroughly with pure water and dry well with a lint-free cloth.

6. Clean the heater with warm, soapy water and rinse with pure water.
7. Let the stones cool down and clean them with lukewarm water.

Stone-Set with 64 stones in decorativ wooden box consists of:

  2x super-sized stone (sacrum,solar plexus)
14x large-sized stones (backbone, legs)
14x medium-sized stones (hands, arms)
  7x small-sized stones (neck, face)
  2x oval shaped stones for face therapy

  4x Trigger for pressure point therapy

  8x stones for toe therapy
  7x Chakras

  6x small ovale shaped white marble stones for cryotherapy

Technical details:

Storage capacity ca. 20 liter
Power ratings 1200 Watt, 230 Volt
Shape Rectangular
Steps Temperature freely adjustable
Maximum temperature ca. 70 degrees
Outer dimensions ca. 61 cm x 32 cm
Inner dimensions ca. 44 cm x 29,5, cm
Stone-Set 64 various Hot Stones

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