1x Nano Car Polish 500ml plastic, sealing 15.98 EUR / liter

1x Nano Car Polish 500ml plastic, sealing, high-gloss finish

Base price: 15.98 EUR per liter
Contents: 1 bottle 500ml
High gloss sealant for car, airplane, motorcycle, boat, etc., are all colors adapts, provides long-term protection, freshens your paint, removes rust and insects and also industrial pollution, can be stored indefinitely
new / unused
Recommended retail price: EUR 59.90 per bottle

Product information:

guaranteed long-term protection

is shock-shock and washing street party

light scratches can quickly disappear

suitable than aluminum wheels cleaner

fully synthetic Contact care for car, boat and caravan, painted surfaces, ceramic coatings, acrylic glass, stainless steel, chrome, marble, cooking, etc.

removes tar, industrial pollution, rust, insects, and tree resins,

gives protection and shine for 12 months
7,99 €
15,98 € per 1 l
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Standard)
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